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A cleaning revolution.

The most effective oral appliance cleaning solution ever designed.

Clinical grade cleaning at home in 5 minutes.

Hygienic. Clear. Quick.

The power of ultrasonic waves

Watch the dental pod in action below

Dental pod vs cloudy stains

Dental pod vs coffee stains

Inside the Dental pod


How does the Dental
pod work?

42,000 hz ultrasonic waves

Causes sonic water cavitation

Cleaning 4380 times per second

More detail

Clinical grade technology

Ultrasonic cleaners have been utilised in the clinical dental setting for over 70 years to clean tools and implements.

At Dental pod we have harnessed the most trusted and advanced ultrasonic technology and engineered it for specific use within the at home dental appliance cleaning process.

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Building a future of honest innovation driven dentistry

Honesty at the core
Where other companies will try to wow you with flashy branding and promises of results they can't deliver, we let you know exactly what you can expect and we guarantee everything we promise.

No lies means great products
Honesty is at the core of everything we do at ZIMA DENTAL, there’s no hiding behind over produced advertising campaigns. Instead we focus our efforts and resources pioneering, developing and improving our innovative dental products.

We have to make genuinely great products or we would have nothing to honestly sell.