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Dental pod

Dental pod

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

4.9 | 2162 Reviews
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Any dental appliance that is not cleaned properly can become a breeding ground for bacteria, plaque and other pathogens posing a serious risk to those wearing it, as well as looking cloudy and dull.

  • Eliminate all bacteria, virus and pathogens
  • Keep your appliance looking clean and clear
  • Remove harmful plaque build up
  • Save time and effort
The science behind the magic
What can the Dental pod clean?
Ultrasound for dental health
Technical specifications
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  • “I'm an orthodontic dentist and I 100% endorse the Dental pod product. It is beautifully designed and delivers outstanding results. I recommend to anyone who uses a dental appliance”


  • “I used to get really cloudy aligners that would be embarrassing to wear in public but thanks to my pod my aligners stay wonderfully clear, would have paid twice as much for this, thank-you :)”


  • “I’ve been really impressed with the Dental Pod so far. I’m using it for my Invisalign aligners. It’s easy to use, quick and gets great results! Definitely recommending to all my Invisalign patients too 😀”


The science behind the magic
What can the Dental pod clean?
Ultrasound for dental health
Technical specifications
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    Your Problem

    Dirty appliance
    Poor dental health

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    Our Solution

    42,000 hz ultrasound
    Stainless steel reverberation

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    The Result

    A sparkling clean appliance
    A healthier set of teeth

4 easy steps to an ultra clean dental appliance


Fill with water

Fill the Dental pod with water and plug it in to a
wall socket.


Place appliance in

Drop your dental appliance into the pod, turn on
using the power button.


Secure the lid

Put the lid on and wait for 5 minutes for the pod
to work its magic.


Retrieve your renewed appliance

Retrieve your sparkling clean dental appliance
from the pod and rinse. Simple.

Dental pod

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Got questions? We’ve got answers

Can't I just use a sterilising tablet?
What about cleaning with a toothbrush?
Will the Dental pod cause damage to my appliance?

We’re proud to have thousands of happy Dental pod customers keeping clean around the world. We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.