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Zima Go

Zima Go

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UV oral appliance case combining superior sterilisation and sleek design

4.9 | 148 Reviews
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Most oral appliance cases are low quality and poorly designed. In addition to their clunky look and feel, they fail to consider the risks caused by the build up of dangerous microorganisms on your oral appliance.

  • Eliminate bacteria, viruses and pathogens on the go
  • Enjoy a premium and protective metal finish
  • Easily fit your appliance with increased capacity
  • Stay discrete with a sleek sliding lid mechanism
Science behind the design
What can the case hold?
Technical specifications
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  • Disinfecting UVC
    and UVA

  • Sleek and compact
    metal design

  • Smooth sliding

  • Increased holding

Enjoy life on the move with #ZimaGO

Enjoy life on the move with #ZimaGO

  • “It used to be soo embarrassing getting my aligner case out in public and fiddling around with it. The Zima go makes life so much better, I can be discrete as well as have the confidence I am being hygienic”

  • “Zima Dental have done it again - blending beautiful asthetics with world class tech. The Zima go is a revolution and by far and away the best oral appliance case available today.”

  • “I have Invisalign and have struggled to keep my aligners from smelling bad. I’ve been using this for three months and the aligners (and my breath) smell much better.”

Science behind the design
What can the case hold?
Technical specifications

Enjoy life on the move with #ZimaGO

Enjoy life on the move with #ZimaGO

  • Your Problem

    Unhygienic appliance
    Tired of cheap plastic cases

  • Our Solution

    UVC and UVA sterilisation
    Sleek metal sliding design

  • The Result

    Improved dental health
    Improved experience and feel

4 easy steps for an appliance case upgrade

Slide the case open with an easy flick

Place your appliance in

Slide the lid closed

Turn on the UV for a 1 minute cycle

Got questions? We’ve got answers

How effective is the UV light we use?

The Zima Go utilizes a dual-action system, combining both UVC and UVA light, ensuring an exceptionally thorough and effective sterilization process.

UVC light, with its shorter, more energetic wavelength, is renowned for its germicidal properties. It works by penetrating the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, destroying their genetic material and effectively neutralizing them.

Following the UVC sterilization, the device employs UVA light, which has a longer wavelength. This second stage of the process not only ensures any potential surviving microorganisms are effectively dealt with but also assists in removing stains and odors from the dental appliances. This helps maintain not just the hygiene but also the aesthetics of your oral appliances.

Through extensive testing and development, we've ensured that this dual-action system works optimally within a short duration, providing you with a thoroughly sanitized dental appliance quickly and conveniently. We've optimized the intensity and exposure time to each type of UV light, ensuring maximum efficacy without causing any damage to your appliances. It's a robust system that provides confidence in the cleanliness of your dental appliance every time you use it.

How does the sliding lid mechanism work?

Zima Go's sliding lid is easy to use and very secure. With a gentle push, you can slide the lid open to put your dental appliance inside. Once you're done, just slide it back. A built-in magnet makes sure the lid snaps shut and stays that way, keeping the UV lights sealed inside for safe and effective cleaning. Plus, this smart design lets you open and close the lid with just one hand. It's simple, safe, and straightforward - that's Zima Go.

Do I need a Zima Go as well as a Dental pod?

For a comprehensive 360-degree hygiene approach, we recommend using both the Dental Pod and the Zima Go.

The Dental Pod provides a thorough ultrasonic clean, dislodging particles and removing stains from your oral appliances, as well as a full saturation sterilisation. But remember, bacteria can recolonize quickly once the appliance is exposed to the environment.

That's where the Zima Go comes into play. It serves not only as a steriliser but also as a protective storage case when your appliance is not being cleaned or worn. By housing your dental appliances in the Zima Go, you're keeping them in a consistently sterilised environment. This reduces the potential for bacterial and viral contamination between cleanings and wears, providing continuous protection for your oral health.

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We’re proud to have hundreds of thousands of happy Zima dental customers keeping clean around the world. We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.