Clean, Clear, Fresh
Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and plaque build-up
Keep your dental appliances safe and clean with our revolutionary Cleaning Technology
“The Dental pod is an amazing solution and the best way to keep your appliances clean.”
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‘A precise and effortless
cleaning solution’
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Invisalign right’
‘My retainers looked
better than ever’
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What does Dental pod do?
An Effortless Solution
The Dental pod is powered by the latest ultrasonic technology to deliver a sparkling clean dental appliance time after time.
Your problem
Stains, bacteria and plaque build up on oral appliances and inefficient cleaning methods result in poor dental health and oral hygiene for the wearer.
Our solution
The Dental pod's patent-pending cleaning technology delivers market leading cavitational pressure and cleaning efficacy.
The Result
A clean, clear and fresh oral appliance every time, reducing poor oral health symptoms such as plaque build up, stained teeth, and bad breath.
The Power of Ultrasonic Cleaning
Clean, Clear, Fresh
The Dental pod is able to disrupt and destroy thick plaque biofilms that build up after consistently poor cleaning
The Dental pod kills bacteria through cavitation, free radical production, and sonoporation.
Set and forget. After activation, the Dental pod automatically stops after a thorough 5 minutes cleaning cycle
The Dental pod effectively degrades food, drinks, and cosmetic stains, leaving your appliance clearer after each use.
The Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
How it works
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Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Dental pod

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Any dental appliance that is not cleaned properly can become a breeding ground for bacteria, plaque and other pathogens posing a serious risk to those wearing it, as well as looking cloudy and dull.

Eliminate all bacteria, virus and pathogens
Keep your appliance looking clean and clear
Remove harmful plaque build up
Save time and effort

The Dental pod uses high-frequency 42,000 hz ultrasonic waves to vibrate the solution and produce millions of nano-scale bubbles. These bubbles rapidly expand and collapse, releasing a large amount of energy, continuously scouring and smashing the grime, bacteria and plaque while being non abrasive to your dental appliance. This action, called ‘cavitation’ occurs on average 4000 times per second, so all surfaces and gaps are continuously cleaned leading to a short but thorough cleaning cycle.

The precise frequency required to produce the optimal level of cavitation depends on the amount of water in the device and the size/material of the oral appliance. Fortunately the Dental pod has a built in dynamic feedback feature that will analyse the contents and adjust to the optimal frequency for ultrasonic cavitation cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is safe and reliable and has been widely used in laboratory, commercial, industrial and other fields for decades.

Aligner/Invisalign Aligner/‌Invisalign
Retainer Retainer
Mouth Guard Mouth Guard
Denture Denture

The Dental Pod has been specifically designed by our UK scientists to clean a wide range of oral appliances including all types of clear aligners, retainers (including those with metal), mouth guards, dentures, bite guards (night guards), sleep apnea devices, toothbrush heads and more. Contact support to check your appliance can be cleaned.

  • 42,000 HZ high-frequency ultrasound
  • Body weight: 310g
  • Dimensions: 115x115x83mm
  • Tank Material: Stainless Steel
  • Tank Volume: 150ml
  • Power Supply: AC 100-220V, 50Hz
  • US Plug
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Dental Pod
Frequently Asked Questions

Only using a cleaning tablet is like cleaning your teeth with toothpaste but no toothbrush. Tablets will kill some of the bacteria on your appliance but the chemicals won’t penetrate any deeper than the very surface level. Deep bacteria and plaque will remain causing harm to your physical and dental health as well as keeping your appliance cloudy and dirty.

Toothbrushes cause abrasive damage to dental appliances resulting in scratches, discomfort and a cloudy look. Additionally, a toothbrush will not clean into every crevice leaving bacteria, plaque and grime on your oral appliance.

Not at all, the ultrasonic cleaning method is completely non-abrasive. It creates millions of micro bubbles which softly but thoroughly clean the entire surface of the appliance causing no damage. The Dental pod is designed to safely clean all kinds of materials from metal to aligner plastic.

The recommended cleaning schedule will vary with each oral appliance. We encourage you to check the instructions provided by your dentist or orthodontist. The Dental pod is able to accommodate any recommended cleaning schedule.

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Our Guarantee to You
We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.