Will Zima Dental's sterilizing tablets bleach my dentures? (2024) - Dr. Jack Pinnar-Smith

Will Zima Dental's sterilizing tablets bleach my dentures? (2024) - Dr. Jack Pinnar-Smith

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Zima Dental's sterilizing tablets are an expert blend of ingredients, meticulously designed to ensure optimal cleanliness of dentures without the risk of bleaching or discoloration over time.

The key ingredients, sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate peroxide, orchestrate a gentle, non-bleaching cleaning process. Sodium bicarbonate serves as a mild abrasive, effectively dislodging food residues and plaque. Sodium carbonate peroxide breaks down into oxygen and sodium carbonate upon water contact, thereby killing odor-causing bacteria. This oxygenation process is mild and does not induce the harsh bleaching action associated with other forms of peroxide, thereby retaining the original color of the dentures.

Contrastingly, some other brands of denture cleaning tablets may cause bleaching or discoloration over time due to the incorporation of harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach or hypochlorite salts. These substances are potent disinfectants and stains removers, but their overuse can lead to gradual bleaching of the dentures, altering their appearance and even causing them to become brittle over time. Furthermore, some tablets may also contain high concentrations of peroxides, such as hydrogen peroxide, which can also lead to discoloration of the dentures when used frequently.

Other ingredients in Zima Dental's tablets, including citric acid, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, and potassium sulfate, contribute to the overall cleaning efficacy without compromising the color of the dentures.

Other components like lactose, PVP-K30, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, MXT-0023 (mint flavor oil), menthol, and the colorant C173015, are primarily added for tablet formation, dissolution, and taste, and do not interact directly with denture material, thereby ensuring no bleaching effect.

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