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Zima 360 Bundle

Zima 360 Bundle

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Dental Pod and Zima Go

4.8 | 2264 Reviews
Dental pod
Color: Arctic White
Zima Go
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Never worry about harmful bacteria and pathogens on your oral appliance again. Experience 360-degree protection with our Dental Pod and Zima Go bundle. Dental Pod provides at-home deep ultrasonic cleaning, while Zima Go ensures on-the-go sterilization. Embrace pristine cleanliness for your oral appliance every day.

The science behind the duo
Do I need a Zima Go as well as a Dental pod?
Can't I just clean my appliance with a toothbrush?
Technical specifications
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What’s included?

Dental Pod
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
For the home
  • Deep clean your appliance with specialist ultrasonic cleaning technology
  • Eliminate plaque, bacteria, viruses and pathogens
  • Save time and effort vs other cleaning methods
  • Safely avoid damaging your appliance with the non-abrasive cleaning
Zima Go
UV Sterilisation Case
For on the go
  • Eliminate bacteria, virus and pathogens wherever you go
  • Enjoy a premium and protective metal finish
  • Easily fit your appliance with increased capacity
  • Stay discrete with a sleek sliding lid mechanism

The science behind the duo
Do I need a Zima Go as well as a Dental pod?
Can't I just clean my appliance with a toothbrush?
Technical specifications

Maintain your appliance and upgrade your style

The Zima 360 Bundle combines the latest ultraviolet technology with proven ultrasonic dental technology to provide the perfect all round oral appliance cleaning solution.

Your Problem

Unhygienic appliance Poor oral hygiene

Our Solution

42,000 hz ultrasonic clean at home UVC sterilisation on the go

The Result

Improved dental health Improved experience and feel

“This is how you do Invisalign right”

3 Steps to an ultra clean dental appliance


Place retainer in

Drop your dental appliance into the Pod, turn on using the power button. Wait 5 minutes for the ultrasonic cleaning cycle to complete.


Retrieve and place in your Zima Go

Retrieve your sparkling clean appliance from the Pod. Rinse, shake off any excess water, and place it in your Zima Go. You’re ready to go!


Sterilise wherever, whenever!

Take your sleek metal case with you wherever, and click the button for a sterilisation cycle whenever you need.

Got questions? We’ve got answers

What's wrong with just using a sterilizing tablet?

Only using a cleaning tablet is like cleaning your teeth with toothpaste but no toothbrush. Tablets will kill some of the bacteria on your appliance but the chemicals won’t penetrate any deeper than the very surface level. Deep bacteria and plaque will remain causing harm to your physical and dental health as well as keeping your appliance cloudy and dirty.

What is the warranty on Zima Dental products?

All products come with a full 12 month warranty.

Will the Dental pod cause damage to my appliance?

Not at all, the ultrasonic cleaning method is completely non-abrasive. It creates millions of micro bubbles which softly but thoroughly clean the entire surface of the appliance causing no damage. The Dental pod is designed to safely clean all kinds of materials from metal to aligner plastic.

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Can the Dental pod clean Aligners/Invisalign?

Yes, the Dental pod can effectively clean clear Aligners and Invisalign. All types of clear aligners have been thoroughly tested in the Dental pod with excellent and safe results. The Dental pod will also be great for cleaning your retainer after aligner treatment. Click here to read why award winning orthodontist Dr. Emma Laing recommends the Dental pod to all her clear aligner patients.

Can the Dental pod clean retainers?

Yes, the Dental pod can effectively clean oral retainers. The Dental pod was specifically designed and tested to clean both modern clear retainers and more traditional retainers with metal. Click here to read why award winning dentist Dr Chloe Harrington Taylor recommends the Dental pod to her retainer patients.

Can the Dental pod clean the Night guard and Bite guards?

Yes, the Dental pod can effectively clean both night guards and bite guards. The Dental pod has been specifically engineered and tested to clean more than 14 types of guards. Click here to read why award winning dentist Dr. Shiva Soleimani recommends the Dental pod to her dental guard patients.

Should I clean my dental appliance everyday?

The recommended cleaning schedule will vary with each oral appliance. We encourage you to check the instructions provided by your dentist or orthodontist. The Dental pod is able to accommodate any recommended cleaning schedule.

Is the Dental pod FSA/HSA eligible?

Yes, the Dental pod is FSA/HSA eligible. We have confirmed this directly with a range of providers. You can read more on this topic on our blog post here link.

How do I clean the Dental pod after use?

The Dental pod tank is made from Stainless Steel so it is very easy to clean. This can be achieved daily with a quick rinse. Sometimes a light brush or wipe may be required.

Can you put two appliances in the Dental pod at once?

Definitely, the Dental pod is designed to effectively clean two appliances at the same time.

Can the Dental pod clean jewelry?

This is not what the Dental pod was designed, engineered and tested to clean. However,  many customers have let us know that they have had  success cleaning jewelry. The underlying cleaning method of ultrasonic cavitation is something that has been used to clean jewellery by professionals for decades. We successfully tested cleaning precious metals in the Dental pod to ensure customers with grills could clean their appliances safely and effectively.

We’re proud to have thousands of happy Dental pod customers keeping clean around the world. We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.